Blog Solar Photovoltaics lorem&ipsum Made with Xara Solar (763) 434-4819 We’ve Got You Covered! Solar Thermal *See More @ University of Minnesota  Solar Decathlon 2009  In 2009 Kuehn Roof Systems got involved in solar photovoltaics through a solar energy project at the University of Minnesota. Matthew Kuehn, Tom’s son and an employee of Kuehn Roof Systems Inc., joined the solar team in his senior year of college at the University of Minnesota. The Icon solar house was built in MN in pieces and shipped to Washington D.C. to compete against 19 teams from around the world.  They placed 5th overall. While working on this project, Matthew met James Darabi, a solar enthusiast who happened to be starting his own solar company, Solar Farm LLC.  In a joint effort, over the last several years, Kuehn Roof Systems has been partnering with Solar Farm to install solar pv and solar thermal roof mounted systems.   Kuehn Roof Systems Inc. - 14815 Aberdeen St. NE Ham Lake, MN 55304 - Phone: 763-434-4819 Providing Quality Roof Services for Over 30 Years! Copyright © 2012